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Don't be fooled! Police internet promotion gangs sell a large number of citizens with loan intention

The Ministry of public security held a press conference on July 28, announcing the situation of the Ministry of public security placing national public security organs to attack and deal with telecom network fraud since the beginning of this year. Wu Zuping, chief of the Criminal Police Corps of Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Bureau, told the meeting that in the case of loan fraud, the Internet promotion Gang is a key link. The gang is specially responsible for collecting and selling a large number of citizens with loan intention.

According to Wu Zuping, since this year, is it true that some gangs have added QQ and wechat three platforms of fortune lottery to citizens who have loan intention through the process. Is it true to tempt them to log in or download Zixu loan website or app? Is it true that Fudai Kuai No. 3 platform imitates the normal loan platform process? Ask the victim to fill in the relevant information rest, and then These letters were sold to fraud gangs. In the end, the fraud gangs took out the fraud accurately on the ground of paying service charges and deposit.

\ Wu Zuping said that in March this year, public security organs in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, received reports from victims that they had been defrauded in the name of paying service charges and deposits when applying for loans online, resulting in losses of hundreds of thousands of yuan. After investigation, it was found that the victims had searched the mainstream search engines for \ On April 14, under the joint command of the Ministry of public security, the public security organs of Jiangsu province dispatched more than 100 police forces to arrest 31 suspects who offered internet promotion services for fraudsters, Wu said. After in-depth study and judgment, we found a number of Internet promotion gangs engaged in evil activities. These gangs have collected a large number of citizens' credit cards. Only a network promotion Gang investigated by Jiangsu Province has collected 400000 credit information of loan applicants. 4700 people have been cheated, involving 110 million yuan. On July 8, under the command of the unified organ of the Ministry of public security, public security organs of 15 provinces, districts and cities, including Jiangsu, Beijing and Hebei, dispatched more than 1500 police forces to carry out a gathering of collecting and moving around, smashed 57 internet promotion Gang dens in one fell swoop, and arrested 460 suspects. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)

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